Antoine creates bespoke textures and colours for leading architects and designers around the globe who value quality and are after understated luxury. 


Antoine helps architects and interior designers create beautiful and unique design solutions that enrich our daily lives.

Antoine is unique in being able to create any colour on request, all of which are co-created with the client. We can recreate the colour of any sample provided by the customer, from a pebble to a piece of fabric, and also replicate tones found on international colour systems.

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Our product range is made from clay or limestone and a range of other natural minerals and materials. The different products offer varied texture and colours as well as mould- and fire-resistant properties and an ability to absorb and regulate indoor humidity.



We believe in maintaining our creative integrity and edge through collaborations with architects and designers that push the boundaries of what we can do.



We believe in slow design. Established in 2018, we are now working on projects in Paris and London and finished a conservation project in Schloss Hollenegg (Austria).


Hollenegg, Austria

With its lively appearance, the Antoine lime wash properly enhances the peculiar geometries that characterise the ancient architecture of the castle, adding a further layer of vitality to the interior.



The Antoine team works in a unique way: from A to Z: being the product manufacturer, the co-creator and advisor, the installer and the quality controller. 





We want the end result of the highest possible quality.

Our finishes can be used in residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

The finishes are applied with brushes and trowels and have to be applied by craftsmen certified and trained by us.

We travel worldwide to execute projects.


Clay Structure is perfect for a harmonious but grainy and tactile surface that is highly scratch-resistant.

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Lime Wash has a brushed and natural matt look and is characterized by its porous structure and nuanced colour effects.

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Lime Structure is robust and creates a soft, nuanced and cloudy matt texture.

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Antoine’s new range of architectural finishes pay homage to the company’s founder and a slow design approach that favours authenticity, timelessness and durability over trends and fads. 


Antoon Bossuyt founded paint brand Boss in the northern Belgian town of Waregem in 1943. His eye for aesthetics, dedication to quality and innovation and his ability to understand people and changes in society has shaped the roots of the brand.

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ANTOINE reference project Schloss Hollenegg

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ANTOINE at Milan Design Week 2019 / Collaborations with BRUT, when objects work, Caffé Populaire and Nick Ross at Wallpaper* Handmade

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