Schloss Hollenegg

When dialogue and skilled craftsmanship
make the difference 

Antoine Architectural Finishes signs its first reference project in a historical Austrian castle

Antoine Architectural Finishes signs its first reference project in a historical Austrian castle


Entrusting knowledgeable artisans makes a considerable difference when renovating a precious interior; especially if you are dealing with a well preserved historical castle. Built in an elegant mixture of styles (the result of the layering of more than 800 years of architectural evolution), Schloss Hollenegg is the family home of Italian curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein, her husband and their children.


"The castle mostly features 18th-century Chinese wallpapers and Chinese silks; yet there are also a lot of areas - especially those that are not strictly inside - that are coloured with paint. When restoring a room, we use only lime-based natural paints: We do not use oil-based coatings or solvents to ensure that the walls are breathing. This is fundamental for us”

explains Stori Liechtenstein.



Alice Stori Liechtenstein is an independent curator specialised in contemporary design. Together with her husband she is determined to conserve the Hollenegg castle’s outstanding character, but also to leave their mark, by refurbishing the castle slowly and meaningfully.






“We needed the final effect to look natural. It had to look fresh and, at the same time, as it had always been there. It was nice to see the result after five intense days of work”


Defining the perfect colour for each new project - which is always different and made-to-measure - depends on a good dose of trust and dialogue between the client and the company.

“Schloss Hollenegg is a perfect example of how Antoine works in a unique way”, tells Toon Bossuyt, the company's CEO.

“We always start from a conversation with our customers: It is a co-creation process during which we learn about their ideas, needs and desires. Once we have all the information, we start developing the tone and the texture, which we craft in our own lab."




For Schloss Hollenegg, the ANTOINE team created two colours according to the specific identities of two spaces of the castle. The first, a vaulted and circular living room featuring a large central pillar, was painted with a light mint green shade created in collaboration with Belgian designer Nel Verbeke.


“After visiting Hollenegg, the Antoine team sent me samples of the paint they had developed”, says Stori Liechtenstein, “and they were perfect at the first trial. Nel had given them an accurate description of the tone she wanted, together with a sample - a piece of fabric - and a Pantone reference.


“The colour they came up with was this absolute mint green”.

Thanks to its lively appearance, the lime wash paint now properly enhances the peculiar geometries that characterise the ancient architecture, adding a further layer of vitality to the interior.


The second colour was developed for a closed-off porch that the family had recently renovated.

In this case, the hue - a precise terracotta brown, which the team had observed was recurring throughout the castle - was suggested to the client directly by ANTOINE.

“They told me: 'we think it should be this colour', recalls the owner. "Seeing the final result was just amazing.

The colour added such intense energy to the place. I was very impressed by the fact that you can basically give them any kind of object and they are able to develop a colour that perfectly matches that sample”, concludes the curator.


Naturality being at the core of ANTOINE 's DNA, the Italian curator chose the Belgian company to renovate a series of rooms using its mineral-based limewash paints. The finishings - characterised by a brushed matt look and a porous and breathable structure - gave birth to softly nuanced colours. Also, while the natural composition of the paint was a critical prerequisite to respect the historical and irregular walls, so was its aspect once applied.


At Hollenegg the Antoine craftsman
applied Lime Wash

LimeWash_mood sample.jpg

Laura Drouet & Olivier Lacrouts

Leonhard Hilzensauer



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Hollenegg, Austria

With its lively appearance, the Antoine lime wash properly enhances the peculiar geometries that characterise the ancient architecture of the castle, adding a further layer of vitality to the interior.