The Antoine team works in a unique way: from A to Z: being the product manufacturer, the co-creator and advisor, the installer and the quality controller. 

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“We always start from a conversation with our customers: It is a co-creation process during which we learn about their ideas, needs and desires. Once we have all the information, we start developing the tone and the texture, which we craft in our own lab."


We receive plans and surface measurements and those combined with product choices offer a quote to the client, after a site visit.


Upon approval we produce the required products and our certified craftsmen come and install the chosen textures around the globe.


We craft various custom-made colours to test on-site: it shows how light will be captured and assures the right atmosphere fundamental to any architectural project.


This way of working assures both the beauty and the quality of the projects and is an illustration how we excel in the best possible result.